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National Grand Champion Heavy Wool Male
E.L. Red Alert

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Dover 3 East Herd Sires


Red Alert  

                                National Grand Champion



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G.L.L. Dorado (LW Blue Boy x Hot Chile)
LW Mauna Lani (Macho Macho x Mirabelle) (The Fiduciary)

This outstanding stud was crowned the 2003 ALSA National Grand Champion Heavy Wool adult male. He has impeccable conformation and presence. He has a very solid pedigree with some of the most outstanding llamas in the industry. Red Alert is large with a solid frame that supported by heavy bone. He has beautiful fiber with a lot of drape that is very silky and high in luster. He has fringes hanging off his perfect ears and over his face, which gives him great appearance. He is very proud of himself and that is evident when you see him standing in the pasture. His movement is very smooth and fluid like. Red Alert is ½ Chilean, ¼ Bolivian, ¼ North American. He has a get of about 20 crias on the ground right now. He is producing great color and babies that are inheriting his substance, conformation and outstanding presence. Red Alert has been doing such a tremendous job that it was decided that he should have a page dedicated to him on this web site. To learn more about Red Alert check out the E.L. Red Alert page. Red Alert is co-owned with Valley View Acres at Ellsworth Wisconsin. Breeding fee $1000.00.

Co owned with Norris and Kay Berg of Valley View Acres



Riny's Grandioso (Riny's Grand Slam x Riny's Frost & Tip)
T.J.'s Moon Kitten (T.J.'s Moonshadow x T.J.'s Katydid)

Moon Walker’s lineage doesn’t need any introductions. These are well known bloodlines that have produced many colorful champions. The combination of Wilkins Livestock LLC T.J.’s Moon Kitten and Animal Acers Llama’s Grandioso has produced this outstanding junior herd sire. He is a powerful and strong male both in pedigree and in his own stature. Moon Walker is bright white with some strategically placed light brown spots. He has excellent reach and stretch combined with a very solid top line, that gives him a very balanced appearance. His heavy bone and sound carriage gives him the majestic look that is so very attractive. He has a beautiful head with perfect ears. His face is covered with long bangs that drape over his eyes and face. This herd sire is covered with a coat of very crimpy and thick fiber with nice luster. He has the substance and the flash that would do justice to any herd. His temperament is the best and he is very personable. He is a joy to set up and show off. Moon Walker Placed 11th at the 2004 ALSA Nationals. Moon Walkers first son is going to be hitting the show ring in 2005. This boy “Moon Chaser” is a spitting image of his father. He will add great qualities to anyone’s program. Breeding fee $500.00.



Tuna Catcher (DDL Dream Catcher x G.L.L. Hot Tuna)  
Peruvian Kantima (Kantu P5 x Maxima P5)  

This super suri male was purchased from Michael Pierce at the Co-Rect Llama Roundup on July 24 th 2005 in partnership with Blue Hills Ranch and Dover 3 East Llamas. Michael did it right when he crossed the Kantu bloodline with the Tuna Catcher bloodlines. Not only did he capture the suri genes, but he also pulled in the conformation and stretch from both lines. The substantial substance from the Tuna Catcher genes is very evident. This boy’s fiber is locked to the skin and is fine as fine can be. Savarati’s pedigree has some of the best-known llama names in the industry. The lines go back to the ever so famous Top Flight and Hot Chili lines on the top side. Then we have Kantu on the bottom side who is probably the best producer of the suri gene as of to date. We are all excited about this purchase and have high hopes of seeing some very exciting production from Savarati. This future herdsire will be traveling back and forth across Northern Wisconsin in the next few years. If interested in an outside breeding contact any one of us and we will be glad to hook your female up with this outstanding stud. Breeding fee $750.00.


                                    Co owned with John Porter and Duane Gjerning of Blue Hills Ranch




D3E Firecracker    
E.L. Red Alert (G.L.L. Dorado x LW Mauna Lani)
PL Ruby Cheeks (Picazo x Ruby Too)

This herd sire is a product of two bloodlines that have consistently produced excellent quality llamas for the industry. Firecracker is no exception to the impressiveness that has resulted from these genealogies. Firecracker is a deep dark red color with a white head and white markings on his legs. This junior herd sire has a lot of stretch in the neck and in the length of his body. Both his parents, Red Alert and Ruby, are large animals with great stretch and presentation. He has a very regal appearance and is always showing it while strutting around in his pasture. His alertness makes him very attractive. He has a very nice face and head with an excellent set of ears. It is a great joy just to watch him move out with that great coat of wool swaying with his body. He is very straight on the top line and has the correct conformation. To make him complete he has thick long silky wool that is very fine and comes with a lot of curl and wave to it. Good dispositions are another characteristic that comes with the line of llamas in his background and again he is no exception. He is easy to handle and is cooperative when it come to grooming. He is going to find out what girls are all about this spring. Breeding fee $500.00.






Argentine Kobra (unknown x Argentine Arica 0077)
Stobie's Anisette (Catamaran x Antipasta)

This upcoming herd sire will be something to watch for. Atrax comes from a very prestigious herd of llamas. Stobies have done an excellent job of introducing the Argentine bloodline into the US llama industry. Atrax has a lot of the Argentine type that his sire, Kobra does so well at stamping out in his offspring. Atrax’s color is a deep reddish brown that has a lot of luster that makes the color very rich looking. He had a little white under his chin, just like his father. At less than three years old he is already a very large animal. He comes with massive bone that’s give him a very large and sound frame. He is very correct on the top line and has excellent conformation. Atrax’s body is covered with a very heavy and thick coat of wool. Wool that is fine and silky to the touch, this fiber hangs in long wavy curls. The thick wool gives his neck the appearance of being massive, yet he has enough stretch in his neck to give him a very balance look. He has a very mild personality, which is a common trait among the Argentine llamas. He is excellent to work with and naturally presents himself with great confidence. He has a very balance and attractive head with excellent ears. Breeding fee $500.00,






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